xel sarlin

Axel Sarlin

fd. Hulterström

I am passionate about elegant solutions to complex problems,
for instance through mathematics, functional programming and technology.
Here's some information about things I have done.


I wrote a blog post: link


Data scientist at Avaus 2018-present (link)
Jr data scientist at Avaus December 2017 - August 2018 (link)
Skrivarchef Fysikalen 2013-14 (wikipedia)
Chefsredaktör Force 2014 (example, another example)

Kassör/accounter in my housing association 2018-2020

Master's degree in mathematics KTH/SU 2015-2017
of which 2015-2016 was spent at LMU, Munich
Thesis: étale homotopy, F. Morel (lmu), D. Rydh (kth) (pdf, short version)

Bachelor's degree engineering physics at KTH 2012-2015
Thesis: on Gröbner bases with I. Zotov, supervisor T. Bauer (pdf)

more detailed education info

other stuff and links

blog post on adding features to your models (link) (backup)
presentation slides on functional programming (link)

my first game in javascript (2011) (link)
the same game implemented in haskell (2017) (link)

a map of mathematics (with i. zotov) (link)
the poincaré-hopf theorem popularised (with i. zotov) (link)

picture gallery of my fountain pens (link)
my partner natalie wilson's homepage (link)

what others say


--my coworkers


--my coworkers

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misc info

playing cornet in immanuel brass, stockholm.

previously trombone and baritone in bands
such as berga brass, järfälla brass, österledsbrasset,
stockholms unga blåsarsymfoniker, pq and others

won division 2 of the swedish championships with österledsbrasset 2011 (link)
and placed fourth in division 1 with immanuel brass 2018.

sang bass in the choir Micapella in Munich

previously scout and active in various ways in sollentuna södra scoutkår

author axel sarlin

background picture by innokentij zotov